13 Sep 12

Sucking Down Cum

Cameron is a hot teen who promised Thomas from Amateur Allure that she could make him cum quickly…. But so far it seems like she’s just full of talk!

But still she looks cute with her tips up against his cock!

cameron sucks down cock swallows cum1

Now once this super hot teen with the beautiful eyes kicks into gear and stars sucking on his cock, you can see how serious she is! And much to his surprise, she knows how to deep throat cock like he doesn’t get to see often!

And Thomas loves it when chicks suck on his cock!!!!

cameron sucks down cock swallows cum2

But more than that, Thomas likes it when chicks swallow his cum…. he loves it when she take a load in the mouth and play with it with their tongue, and then swallow it down…..

That’s how you can tell if they are marriage material or not….

cameron sucks down cock swallows cum3

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