21 Jun 12

Cum Swallow

Why can’t all women enjoy the cum swallow like Mindy here does?

Mindy loves the cum swallow. She’s just not happy unless she’s swallowing a cock deep in her mouth, teasing him, playing with his penis in her hand, getting him hard and harder and waiting for the moment when he’s about to explode with all of his jizz in her mouth!

She really knows how to milk it for all it’s worth, doesn’t she?

mindy hot cum swallow1 mindy hot cum swallow2

The moment he was about to cum he placed his hard on the back of her head and forced it down. She was about to cum swallow all of his jizz no matter if it was her intention or not!

Turns out Mindy loves the cum swallow and tries to do it every chance she gets….

mindy hot cum swallow3

She takes his load of jizz right in her mouth, smiles, and then opens wide – trying to act all coy. She wants him to know she’s about to cum swallow his entire load down her throat and into her belly….

And nothing turns him on more!

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