A certain point it doesn’t always matter if a hottie knows how to suck cock or not – so long a they look good doing it. There is no such thing as a bad blow job because no matter how bad it is you can still get off!

And when your little cock sucker looks as hot as Evangeline, well, she could be the worst cock sucker in the world and we’d still be able to get off on her if only because it would turn us on seeing our cock next to her beautiful lips!

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But that doesn’t mean she still can’t go through steps!

She might not be able to deep throat, but we can still drop a load in her mouth!!!!

evangeline making sweet love to hard cock2

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Now this is exactly what Amateur Allure is all about…. Hot chicks – young, usually with blonde hair – sucking on cock, deep throating, licking the nut sack…. Oh, it isn’t love that makes the world go around! It’s blow jobs!

Blow jobs makes the world go around!!!

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And Goldie here is the exactly the kind of teen we love to see going down on our cock!!!! She looks like so much fun!!!!

But most importantly….. She’s not afraid to take a load of cum right in her mouth!!!!!

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Now that’s our kind of teen!!!!

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Anytime you hook up with a beautiful amateur babe like this one, enjoy her while she sticks around. This sweetie is named Jasmine and she's got such a lovable face, I almost forget about those stunning amateur boobs of hers. She loves getting rammed in that tight wet slit by a hard dick and our boy Ray gives her just what she needs. But what she's really looking for is a big mouthful of spooge. If you're in the mood to see this hot amateur cutie get it, come visit her at Amateur Allure!

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Beautiful busty asian enjoys sucking cock and getting her tight pussy fucked.

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13 Sep 12

Sucking Down Cum

Cameron is a hot teen who promised Thomas from Amateur Allure that she could make him cum quickly…. But so far it seems like she’s just full of talk!

But still she looks cute with her tips up against his cock!

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Now once this super hot teen with the beautiful eyes kicks into gear and stars sucking on his cock, you can see how serious she is! And much to his surprise, she knows how to deep throat cock like he doesn’t get to see often!

And Thomas loves it when chicks suck on his cock!!!!

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But more than that, Thomas likes it when chicks swallow his cum…. he loves it when she take a load in the mouth and play with it with their tongue, and then swallow it down…..

That’s how you can tell if they are marriage material or not….

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Have you ever met a better set of boobs on an 18 year old amateur cutie? Her name is Jasmine and she's a little hottie that our stunt cock Ray picked up out at the beach last week. As soon as she gets in front of the camera, she starts inhaling his hard dick until she's ready to ride him. She cums like crazy on that shaft and then begs for a mouthful of his warm spooge! We always manage to come through with the freshest amateur spooge lovers over at Amateur Allure.

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Amateur teen cutie gets her face and throat fucked before getting her pussy stretched from behind and her mouth filled with jizz.

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You've got to take a look at this lovely amateur hottie that Ray brought over. Her name is Jasmine and she's got a stunning pair of boobs that i bet you'd love to play with. She's the freshest little 18 year old chick I've seen in months and i I loved watching Ray fuck her tight wet slit. Of course this babe loves the taste of cum and she ends up with a big mouthful of it. If you really get off on luscious amateur jizz swallowing girls, come see Amateur Allure!

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Imagine looking down at the tip of your cock and seeing this sexy exotic chick deep throating you…. You can barely see her brown eyes through her blonde hair, but she’s got her lips firmly wrapped around your cock!

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That in itself is enough to make us cum right there…..

But even better is the fact is that she didn’t shy away when Thomas popped out his hot load of sticky man goo! Instead…. She wanted to take on more!!!!!!

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5 Sep 12

Blow Job Girl

Young Darby here knows how to give the perfect blow job….. She knows all of the trips that none of the teen chicks – starting with the licking of the balls!

She looks like she’s enjoying licking his nut sack!!!!

darby ball licker

That’s our type of blow job girl!!!!

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