25 Jul 12

Teen Angelica

Thomas from Amateur Allure got another surprise the other day – Another young hot teen that can deep throat cock and then swallow his load of cum down!!!

Angelica took her blow job duties very serious; It’s not often when we see a hot young teen deep throat like this!

teen angelica deep throats swallows cum1

But even hotter is when she swallows it down!!! This teen loves the taste of cum in her mouth!

teen angelica deep throats swallows cum2

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Never refuse a sexy young amateur chick when she tells you she wants to show you some things. When Raquel here told me that, I got a boner at once, just because I already had a suspicion about what sort of a sex fiend this girl was. But once she started sucking my dick and telling me to jizz in her mouth, I found I was right. If you enjoy watching sexy young amateur honeys drink cum, you're going to love Amateur Allure.

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21 Jul 12

Teen Stephanie

She’s young and she’s perky and she looks like she’ll be full of fun!!!

teen steph deep throats swallows cum 3

And must to the surprise of Amateur Allure, she can deep throat like it’s no one’s fucking business! They didn’t discuss it before hand, she just started licking him, kissing his cock…. Then bam – Suddenly she sunk her mouth down around his cock taking the entire dick deep in her mouth! She didn’t hesitate, she didn’t gag…. No hands or anything!

teen steph deep throats swallows cum 1

But teen Stephanie didn’t stop there…. That was just the first of surprise for Thomas from Amateur Allure!

Turns out that this young hottie loves to swallow cum… It’s not the taste of the cum, but the reaction she gets from her lovers when she swallows down a load of man goo! And she’s not one to just swallow it; She wants to make a point with it. She wants him to know that she’s got all of his cum in her mouth before she swallows it!


teen steph deep throats swallows cum 2

Between the deep throating and the cum swallowing, this young hot teen is a good to go!!!

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19 Jul 12

Hot Cock Licker

Julia has a wicked tongue….. And she knows how to use it! She puts it to good use licking the shaft of his cock, up and down, up and down, over and over again…. Until bam – He comes right in her mouth!


We love it when young teens with freckles love sucking cock!!!!

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17 Jul 12

Julia Cum Swallows

Julia has a lot of freckles – she hasn’t grown out of it yet – and nothing is hotter than having a hot teen with freckles sucking down on the family jewels….. She might be young, maybe eighteen or nineteen years old, but clearly she isn’t afraid of a little cock in her mouth. Or a lot of cock!

She’s not only willing to suck down his cock and do all of the neat tricks that all men like, but she’s willing to finish him up with a nice neat and tidy cum swallow!

jiula cum swallow1

When the moment for her to cum swallow arrives, she puts a big smile on her freckle covered face, opens up wide to display his jizz on her tongue, and then swallow down all of his jizz in one happy quick gulp!

That’s our kind of cum swallow all right!

jiula cum swallow2

Oh how we love girls that cum swallow!

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15 Jul 12

Teen Cum Whore

Talk about your above average cock sucking teen whore! Petra here loves sucking cock and does a mighty fine job at it!

She loves licking the shaft and the tip, and when asked she has no problems gabbing his cock with her hand and licking his nut sack! She’ll gladly give his balls a tongue bath!

young-petra-swallows-cum1 young-petra-swallows-cum2

She needs to be well rewarded, the only way to thank a teen chick like Petra is to show her how much you care for her…. And there is no better way to do that than to drop a load of cum right in her mouth!


All teen chicks aren’t afraid of taking a load of cum – in fact, most of them enjoy it. They think that this means they are special!

Petra took his entire load of cum in her mouth, played with it, and made damn sure that he saw his cum in her mouth before she swallowed it down like the good little teen whore she is!!!

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13 Jul 12

Teen Lailani

Hot blonde teen Lailani is a well trained teen whore who thought she knew all she needed to know about giving head and sucking cock…. She went down on her knees willingly and started to suck cock, but when Thomas – You know, that lucky bastard who gets his cock sucked by hot teen chicks on a weekly basis and then puts them up on his website Amateur Allure – tried to push her mouth deeper around his cock, she resisted…. And that’s when Thomas explained how to deep throat!

Thomas taught this young perky blonde some tips, and then gently pushed the back of her head until she had taken his entire cock into her mouth!


Once his cock slid deep into her mouth, he was heaven – because nothing is hotter than a hot teen chick deep throating cock… Unless she swallows, but he’ll teach her that soon enough!

She’s in for a surprise!!!

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11 Jul 12

Cum Swallowing

Doesn’t Melody look happy here with her mouth full of cock?

We love it when chicks get down on their knees and suck us off, looking up at us the entire time. We love looking into their eyes while they are sucking it off!


But even more….. We love it when they not only take our load of man goo in their mouth, but shortly afterwards when they open up their mouth to show us their great big reward – a hot load of sticky cum in her mouth!!!!


Trust us, she’ll have no problem swallowing down this entire load of cum!!!!

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Teen Samantha here couldn’t wait to get his cock in her mouth… And once she’s got her mouth full of his cock, she knew exactly what to do with it!!! She was down on her knees, naked, with her tiny teen breasts rubbing up against his leg….

And she was just about ready to go deep and take his entire cock into her mouth! This tight little teen knows how to deep throat!!!

teen samantha ready to deep throat

This sexy teen babe is going to devour his cock!!!

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Some chicks were just born to suck cock…. Yet others were just well trained at a young and tender age…..

britany loves eating jizz5

britany loves eating jizz3

With her willingness to suck cock and those beautiful little root beer eyes…. Who wouldn’t want to drop their load right in her sweet little mouth!

britany loves eating jizz4

I hope she likes to cum swallow!

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