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Congrats to our girl ‘Dillion’ (aka Dillion Harper), who was just named November 2013 Hustler Magazine Cover Model and Honey of the Month!

20130811-155925.jpgDillion’s debut video is available now at and will be out soon on DVD!

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29 Jun 12

Cum Treat

Hot teen. Big boobs. Loves sucking cock.

She’s marriage material for sure!!!!


Mya is a hot well breasted teen who loves sucking cock. And she’s proud of the fact that she knows a lot about giving head. And she can deep throat unlike most teens we see trying to suck off cock!

Mya is so good at sucking down cock and deep throating that Thomas from Amateur Allure is going to have to give her a special treat…. You know, a treat of cum!

mya-hot-teen-loves-cock-swallows-cum2 mya-hot-teen-loves-cock-swallows-cum3

He popped off his load right in her mouth!

Mya is one of those hot teens that loves eating cum and she took it all in…. And if that wasn’t enough, she opened up her mouth wide to prove to him that she still had his load of man goo in her mouth before swallowing it down!


This cum swallowing teen chick is totally marriage material!!!

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Why can’t all chicks be into the cum swallow like this babe!

She craves cum so much she’s willing to cum swallow by drinking jizz right out of a shot glass!

demi drinks jizz

She must either really love him or she really loves the cum swallow!

It’s okay. Jizz tastes good. Any woman who says otherwise just isn’t into the cum swallow and is trying to spread around nasty rumors! All women like the cum swallow – it’s full of protein!

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You can tell Mindy here is a hot little teen whore who can’t wait to be down on her knees sucking cock – just the way we like to picture all of our teen chicks!

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this little whore is going to swallow down every last drip of cum that she can milk out of his cock!

hot whore eats jizz7

And this whore looks beautiful down her knees with her tiny teen tits out and a nice fat cock stuffed in her mouth!

The best part of Mindy sucking cock is the fact that while she’s down on her knees sucking cock she’s looking back up at us with those big brown root beer eyes!

hot whore eats jizz8

And then of course…. Mindy always gets what she wants. And if what she wants is a mouthful of jizz, well, she’s sure to get that too! With her oral abilities, nothing can stop her!!!

hot whore eats jizz9

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Looks like Zoe is eagerly awaiting him to shove his entire cock right down her mouth…. It’s almost as if she really wants him to tickle the back of her throat with his cock!

zoe dark haried cock sucker eats jizz80

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23 Jul 11

Beautiful Blow

Wow… Isn’t this a sight you’d like to see more often? A hot blonde haired chick swallowing your cock down, deep throating and all…. So damn beautiful!

And what’s more beautiful than seeing a woman deep throat your cock?

marilyn sucks cock deep38

How about when they take your load of cum right in the mouth????

marilyn sucks cock deep39

All of the chicks on Amateur Allure take their cum shots and swallow it down – Just like the good little whores they are!

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13 Jun 11

Priceless Blowjob

Alyssa was a bit determined to get him off…. And she was more than willing to put all of her effort into it! She sunk her mouth down around his cock and went to down, rarely coming up for air! She was very serious about giving head – and very well trained in the art of oral skills!

alyssa loves sucking cock2

After putting on an already impressive oral show, she took things to the next level when she plunged her mouth down around his cock, taking all of his cock deep in her mouth! This women can deep throat like you wouldn’t believe, and the entire time she can lick your balls at the same time!

Women who can do this are priceless!

alyssa loves sucking cock1

Then again… Having them take a load of your cum – Now that’s fucking priceless!!!!

alyssa loves sucking cock3

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We might have posted up pictures of Austyn before…. She’s one of the hotties from Amateur Allure. She’s just so damn beautiful – we keep coming back to her!

Who wouldn’t want a hot dark haired babe with big root beer brown eyes, naked, and on her knees in front of you, ready to bring untold amounts of pleasure to your cock?

austyn swallows-jizz1

Not only is she beautiful, but she’s talented. Very talented. She loves to please, and when it comes to oral sex she’s a champ who loves to please – and doesn’t know the term “no”. Most chicks don’t like to cum swallow but all of the girls on Amateur Allure love it. Austyn is no exception and loves to swallow down a load of jizz whenever she has the chance….

But that’s only a small part of her oral ability…. Turns out young Austyn loves to please! And that means lots of licking and sucking, and lots of deep throating. And men love it when they lick our balls! Austyn knows how much they turns us on and she has no problem rubbing her tongue up against our nut sack!

austyn swallows-jizz2

When she takes a load of man goo in the mouth it’s a beautiful sight. We love chicks that cum swallow, and all of the hot babes on Amateur Allure swallow cum – It’s what they do!

Austyn is in no hurry to swallow it down, but instead is enjoying the jizz on her tongue – and she’s going to let it linger before she cum swallows!

austyn swallows-jizz3

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3 Apr 11

Nice View

Isn’t this just the view you want to see the most???? A hot teen chick down on her knees sucking you off?

ashlyn loves sucking cock3

That’s a beautiful view…..

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